The Canine Cabana, LLC
Boarding & Daycare Agreement

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Dog's name: Breed:
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Sex: Male: Female:
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Name of anyone else allowed to pick up your dog:
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*By writing 'I agree' The Canine Cabana may release your dog to someone other than yourself if and only if you have given verbal or written consent. You will in turn release The Canine Cabana of and from any and all responsibility for releasing your dog to any person that The Canine Cabana believes to be authorized by yourself.

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Medical Emergency Information:
Veterinarian's Name/Clinic:    
    City: State: Zip:


*Please describe any medical or physical conditions (including seizures, separation anxiety, etc.):

Emergency Contact (if other than owner):

*If we believe that your dog requires medical attention, you agree to be solely responsible for the payment of all medical bills for your dog and you release The Canine Cabana of and from any and all responsibility for, or claims, damages, debts, arising out of or related to such medical care, including but not limited to, transportation to/from the veterinarian clinic and choice of veterinarian or animal hospital. (sign)
*In case of emergency, The Canine Cabana has a nearby veterinarian on call Monday-Friday 8a.m.-6p.m. In the event of an emergency after hours, the Emergency Animal Clinic will be utilized. Please note that you will be responsible for ANY & ALL bills incurred if an emergency should occur. (sign)

The Canine Cabana, LLC Policies:


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Before signing, please note what all you will need to board your dog with us:

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How did you hear about The Canine Cabana?

The Canine Cabana, LLC
An All Inclusive Dog Resort & Daycare

  1. Is your dog allowed to play with other dogs at the resort?    yes no
  2. Has your dog ever been bitten by another animal?    yes no
  3. Has your dog ever bitten another animal or human?    yes no
  4. Does your dog chew on things he/she is not supposed to?    yes no
  5. Is your dog a climber, digger or escape artist?    yes no
  6. Does your dog have any anxiety issues?    yes no
  7. Is your dog uncomfortable in bad weather?    yes no
  8. Does your dog have a tendency to bark continuously?    yes no
  9. Does your dog have any health conditions?    yes no
  10. Is your dog on any medication?    yes no
  11. Has your dog ever had kennel cough?    yes no
  12. Does your dog cough, sneeze, wheeze or have any asthmatic symptoms?    yes no
    *Please explain in detail if you answered yes to any question 2-12 (use the back if necessary):
  13. Is your dog housebroken?    yes no
  14. Does your dog have an I.D. tag?    yes no
  15. Is your dog current on all vaccinations?    yes no
  16. Has your dog been spayed/neutered?    yes no
    If not, is your pet under 8 months old?    yes no
  17. Please list your dogs method of flea control:
    Please list your dogs method of heartworm control:
  18. What kind of food does your dog eat?
  19. Is it ok for your dog to have treats?
  20. How much and how often does your dog eat?
  21. Please list all medications your dog is taking and how often:
  22. Please describe in detail any toys, blankets, chew toys, etc. that you will be leaving with your dog:
  23. For an additional $30, would your like your dog to have a bath (when available) before returning home?    yes no