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I wanted to let ya'll know how much Buddy loves staying with ya'll when we are out of town.
He always comes home happy, well fed, clean, and good and worn out!
We are very protective of our "first born child," so being able to leave town and not worry about him means the world to us.
We have loved getting to know you and your fabulous staff and we look forward to many more doggy staycations! (so does buddy!)

Thank you!!
CeCe, John and Buddy Hilliard

My two mini aussies
The Canine Cabana is truly amazing!!
My husband and I are in medical school and are constantly very busy so we needed our fur babies to have a safe place they loved to go when we are not home.
My two mini aussies have tried other daycares before and they have hated it but they LOVE going to The Canine Cabana!!
They are treated like family, loved on, cared for, fed, exercised, and played with!
I am EXTREMELY picky and so are my two dogs but after a few days of adjusting to anew environment they were begging to go back when I would say the word "cabana" and their new friends name "beaner".
They run to the door when we get there in the mornings and are ready to see Lacey and all the girls and all their puppy pals!
I love that I was able to get a tour the very first day and how the dogs are not kept in a kennel all day long.
It is an open, clean, happy environment-I think they love getting to go in and outside most of the day and being able to socialize with other dogs.
It keeps them stimulated physically and mentally and keeps them happy and healthy! We are so thankful for the Canine Cabana!
We don't feel guilty any more when we have to leave our dogs because they are so happy.

The Harveys

We have been leaving our lab with them for 2 years, even though we live in Texarkana.
I feel totally at ease with Zurie (my lab) staying there, and she is not the easiest dog for them to take care of.
They are the most thoughtful, wonderful people we have ever dealt with and I consider Lacey a gem of a person and could never thank her enough.

Sincerely your biggest fan!!!!
Melissa Bartet

The Canine Cabana has been a Godsend for my 2 year old sweet, happy, playful Luke. A year ago I found him standing in the middle of a busy street, injured. He had fleas and every parasite known to man. I immediately took him to my vet, got him the surgery he needed and got him 100% well. I fell in love with him immediately and made a commitment to do the best that I possibly could for him. I never owned a dog so I educated myself. One thing I was clear on was that I wanted him to be happy, healthy, well balanced and safe. Early on, I saw that he liked other dogs and was high energy so I began investigating day care facilities for dogs. My dog trainer highly,recommended The Canine Cabana so I thought I would try it out.
From Day One he loved it. The first dog he met was Roux, a Great Dane who was only 5 months old at the time. They hit if off immediately. I stood there and watched them romp and play like they had known each other their whole lives. I got tears in my eyes watching him for the first time play with another dog. Pure joy! He loves Roux to this day.
Luke has been going to The Canine Cabana 3-4 days a week for a year now. It has proved to be a wonderful experience for him and is now a big part of his life. He has lots of friends now, especially Roma, his soul mate, The staff is excellent. They are very caring and attentive to each dog. They know their personalities as well as know who is good with who, dog wise.
I know I am doing the best thing for my dog when I say "You wanna go play with the puppies? You wanna go see Roux and Roma and Mallorie?" on the mornings we are going to day care. His whole body starts wagging. I truly believe that Luke is a much happier, well adjusted, well socialized dog than if he just stayed home while I worked. Sometimes I take him to day care when I am off on weekdays because he loves it so much. It's all about him.

Bottom line, thank God for Lacey and Mallorie and the staff that tend to our beloved dogs and take such good care of them. Bless you!
Louise Markham

The Canine Cabana has truly worked wonders for our 1 year old Cane Corso, Roma.
We began taking Roma to TCC when she was 5 months old. She was timid of new situations and didn’t know how to properly interact with other dogs or people.
The first day we took her to TCC, she was scared to death, but Lacey and her team knew exactly how to ease Roma into “the pack.” They kept a good eye on her behavior and the behavior of the other dogs and separated them when necessary.
You can really tell that TCC team knows dogs and is experienced with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Roma went from a timid dog to a well-adjusted dog who squeals with excitement whenever we pull up to TCC in the morning. She loves playing with the other dogs and now views TCC as her second home. She comes home exhausted at the end of the day, so we know we got our money’s worth! A tired dog is a happy dog!
In addition to bringing Roma to daycare 3 times a week, we also board her occasionally and have had a great experience with that as well. The dogs are housed in a clean, comfortable environment and TCC team is great about adhering to any dietary restrictions or administering any medicine necessary (Our little girl has a grain allergy!).
I had no idea that doggie daycare even existed prior to getting Roma, but now I can’t imagine life without it.

TCC has truly worked wonders for Roma and made our lives easier!
Angie and David Hemken

Paisley and Layla
The Canine Cabana couldn't be a better place for my girls.
As any dog owner feels, we all are very hesitant about who we leave our dogs we know nobody loves our dogs as much as we do.
Not the case with Canine Cabana, Lacey and her staff are AWESOME!
They are great with my dogs and now my dogs run to them as soon as we let them out of the car.
My dogs love getting to spend the day with all of their friends.....and the other reviews are true.....Paisley and Layla start barking and getting excited as soon as we make the turn towards Canine Cabana.

I love that I can let Paisley and Layla spend the day with them....and never worry a minute.

First I would like to thank Lacey for providing such a special environment for dogs.
We work long hours and the thought of leaving our puppy in a cage all day was heartbreaking. We looked for "daycare" alternatives and even took Poco to one. She did not like it, she was so upset when I picked her up I thought I will never do that again.
A few weeks later, we met someone who also takes their pet to Canine Cabana and could only say great things about it. So we tried it, and now it has been a little over a month and Poco LOVES it there. She goes 4-5 days a week and I don't worry about her when she is there. We get home and she is playful and then sleeps ALL night. She is happy and more obedient.

They do say a happy pet is a happy owner and I believe it!!
Amber and Laura

My dog Lucy absolutely loves Canine Cabana! When she is two blocks down the street she starts getting so excited and can't wait to get out of the car! She has a wonderful time with the other dogs and the staff.
She has spent several nights there and I always feel at ease knowing she is being taken care of by a loving staff. I wouldn't leave my dog in any other place. I am so happy I found Canine Cabana!

Lucy and I highly recommend it to others!
Jennifer Mccarthy

We have been taking Sadie, our one year old Boykin Spaniel, to The Canine Cabana since March 2012 and it has been a HUGE blessing for all of us. When we started, Sadie was only 7 months old and since we work all day, I hated leaving her at home alone to roam and eat the house and the thought of putting her in a kennel or outside for 9 hours a day was not an option for me. I found The Canine Cabana because Lacey and I are friends on Facebook and when I saw her FB page I thought “I HAVE to call her now!” I did and the next day Sadie went for her first day of daycare. She LOVES it! It has taught her socialization skills with other dogs, she has become more obedient because Lacey and her staff work with her and by the end of the day she is exhausted and sleeps through the night because she plays all day with her pals. Every morning when I drop her off, she knows the routine and when we pull in the driveway of The Canine Cabana, Sadie hops out of her car seat and leaps to the play yard all excited because she knows where we are…the BEST PLACE ON EARTH!
Thank you Lacey for opening such a wonderful, loving and caring place that I know Sadie is safe and so very happy to be there. You and your staff are amazing and wonderful people that love dogs and that gives me so much comfort that Sadie is so very well taken care of. You guys are the absolute BEST!

You guys are the absolute BEST!
Allison Ferguson

Sugabump started daycare in July shy, timid and submissive. The first visit she was so scared and Lacey made her feel comfortable and loved. We tried again the next week and Sugabump was a little better. But after weeks of going one day a week she now plays with her new friends and wags her tail every time I say we are going to school today. She loves Lacey and Tammy. She has come out of her shell and has started going two days a week. I feel very comfortable leaving her with her new friends. When she gets home she is so tired. I feel like daycare has been the best thing for Sugabump.

Thanks Lacey
Angie Burroughs

I cannot tell you, you have to really experience it for yourself! When I say that this place is unbelievable, I truly mean it! Just look at the photos from the website.
Lacey is out in the hot sun, red faced, sweating, playing with the dogs, and the dogs are loving all the attention! She runs the Cabana just like a preschool.
There is carpool, free play, lunch, naptime, some structured play with ball throwing,water activites, quiet time, even a report card at evening carpool pick-up!

Gino cannot wait to put on his "special" daycare collar and get to the Canine Cabana!
Gail Rossi

Because of Lacey and her puppy day care we have the most awesome dog. Otis, a Great Dane, has been going to The Canine Cabana since he was 3 mo. old. He is the most socialized Dane we have ever had. He loves, I mean he Loves going to day care. Otis is a year old now and he would rather stay with Lacey then come home with me. It amazes me how well all the dogs get along. It means a lot to us for Otis to be so well taken care of.

Thanks Lacey!
Chip and Debbie Lunn

We all love Lacey and The Canine Cabana!
My dogs are regulars and whether they are boarded for the day or overnight, I know they will be well taken care of and loved. When Lily sees her "boarding" mat come out with her leash she runs to the front door and her tail wags furioulsy when she sees the gate open at The Canine Cabana! Lacey does a fantastic job and we are so thankful she is here.

Melissa Weaver
Voodoo, Loup Garou, and Lily Moon

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much Pam and I appreciate your welcoming our new addition to The Canine Cabana with open arms! We know that our Shila enjoyed her first stay with you and we felt comfortable and confident that she was well cared for and loved while we were out-of-town for the holiday.
We would also like to thank you again for all of the love and patience that you showed our lab, Sugar, while she was with us. We sincerely appreciate your remembrance of her as part of your family as she was ours. She truly loved coming to stay with you during her short time and, even though she was blind, she felt so secure and safe while at the Cabana.
You can count on Shila coming for many more "sleepovers" with her friends at The Cabana.

Jay C. Meredith
Shreveport, LA

Fred and Sam LOVE The Canine Cabana!
It’s clear they receive lots of attention while they are visiting and that Lacey loves taking care of them.
The setup works well for us, both of our dogs are able to enjoy their playtime even though one is a senior dog who likes to just lie around and bask in the sun and one is a much younger dog who enjoys playing with the big dogs.
We’ve been taking our pets to The Canine Cabana for over a year and wouldn’t consider anyplace else.

Fred and Sam (and Doug and Mary Lois White)

Our Whippet, Sugar, has been boarded and doggy daycared with The Canine Cabana a handful of times now, and I have been very happy with her care and condition.
Exercise is very important for dogs and their wellness, and our dog gets plenty of running and socialization with all of her new friends at TCC. She comes home pooped every time (which makes things easier for us too!), so we know she had a good romp!
I have known Lacey since I was a kid, so trusting her with our new dog was never a problem, but now I think Sugar may love her as much as she does her own family. For $15 a day, it's a no brainer for us to bring our girl to The Canine Cabana at least once a week.

Thanks Lacey, and see you guys next week!
Gabe Meiki

Just want to thank Lacey for an excellent place for our lab, Libby. I am always impressed with the cleanliness of her establishment and have dropped by at various times of the day unannounced. No surprise has ever awaited me. Lacey also keeps an informed mind when it comes to looking for future improvements and I appreciate this forward thinking. The other impressive thing for me is the level of security provided for all the animals on-site. One immediately notices a remote controlled gate and two levels of fencing which provides for a very safe environment. The hours are very reasonable and the prices are economical. It is great to see someone take pride in a much needed enterprise. We will continue to use Canine Cabana whenever we travel.

Dennis and Harriet Austin
Shreveport, LA

Our dogs love The Canine Cabana!
The spacious play areas give them the opportunity to exercise and socialize with other dogs. We are always pleased with the amount of time our dogs spend in outdoor playtime! The accomodations are clean, comfortable and of good size.
Most of all, we appreciate the care and attention given by Lacey to each of our furry family members.
Thank you for what you do!

Dr. & Mrs. King

What a wonderful place to keep my dogs; they love it.

Roy H.

Thank you for providing a service like The Canine Cabana for our dog, Maddie. I hesitate to call your service a kennel, because you offer an experience for dogs that is far beyond what most people believe an ordinary kennel is like.
Maddie loves her visits to The Canine Cabana for daycare. She is excited from the moment we get in the car for our trip to see you. I especially like the fact that your facility is open and clean. There are no back rooms where dogs are housed out of sight and out of mind. Clients can see the whole facility at a glance and know exactly where their dogs will spend time. I smile every time I drive away, watching Maddie in my rearview mirror as she romps with her dog friends in the large fenced yard. We especially liked the Doggie Report Card that you sent home with her, detailing her day at the Cabana.
We’ve left Maddie overnight several times. She always comes home happy and well exercised. I know she is not spending countless hours in a cage. She really enjoys the wading pools you set out for the dogs; Maddie is 100% Labrador Retriever and loves to get wet! We feel secure knowing you live on site and always know what she is doing.
I recommend The Canine Cabana to anyone who needs a safe, loving environment for their dog. The exceptional service that you provide allows this busy family to balance the demands of professional careers and active lives, while enjoying the peace of mind that we can still be responsible pet owners. We know that our dog is receiving the best care available when she is not with us.
P.S. I appreciate the fact that you are a member of the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce.

Jeff Ware, Executive Director
The American Rose Society & Gardens of the American Rose Center

I travel regularly and am pumped that Lacey opened The Canine Cabana. Peace of mind is with me during my travels as I know my beloved dogs, Titus and Trinity, are in good hands. Lacey has researched every angle from doggie daycare/overnight lodging to doggie play/recreation!
Titus and Trinity go bizerk in joy as I arrive in the parking lot of The Canine Cabana.
Lacey is more hands on than previous pet hotels/lodges that my dogs have stayed in past years. Her dogs, Haylee and Maggee, are always there to greet new guests so they feel welcomed.
The only negative is that Lacey is an Arkansas Razorback Alum. However, she does not treat the dogs of LSU Alums in a poor manner. Most dogs that stay at The Canine Cabana are the proud pets of LSU fans. Maybe Lacey will allow the LSU dogs (majority) watch Tiger games as many or their owners are attending an LSU sporting event.
Titus, Trinity, and I are thankful for Lacey, her family which includes Haylee & Maggee, and The Canine Cabana. The name says it all! Your dog(s) stay with Lacey and friends will be a vacation!

Todd M Fee

As an over zealous dog owner, it was wonderful to find THE CANINE CABANA, LLC for my little spoiled silky terriers. My husband and I love to travel on golf and fishing adventures and this was the answer to our prayers. AND, Nigel and Hyacinth feel the same way! Now, the other cousin, Kirby, who lives in Bossier City, will be joining in the cabana fun!!! As I see it, we all get to go on a vacation!
WE LOVE YOU LACEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Francis
Artist & Art Teacher (Shreveport, Louisiana)