Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

In our time, the scope of construction materials is rapidly expanding range of coatings for roofing. Each new material is more reliable quality and environmentally friendly. They are made of different compositions. One of these innovations is ceramoplastic.

Table of contents:

  1. What is ceramoplastic
  2. Specifications keramoplasta
  3. Pros and cons of the roof keramoplasta
  4. Ceramoplastic types of roofing
  5. Calculation of roofing ceramoplastic
  6. Installation of the roof with his hands
  7. Care tips keramaplastikovoy roof

What is ceramoplastic

For the first time on ceramoplastic market showed in 2000. He began to gain popularity from the date of occurrence. To create keramoplasta use natural minerals and natural at the same time synthetic ingredients:

  • Titanium dioxide - acts as a blocking destructive action of ultraviolet rays. Necessary to create conditions for the coloring material. Before you start to attach keramoplastu color of interest the buyer, neutralized all other than white color.
  • Clay powder - need for stability of the material during mechanical stress.
  • Components of lubricants and stabilizers - was used without extrusion of sheets impossible (the same thickness over the entire surface).
  • Modifier strength - ductility provides material allowing it to be refractory to the temperatures in the cold.
  • Pigments - are used in order to impart the final color throughout ceramoplastic surface.
  • Other additives - reduced flammability, do not allow changes in the structure formed, which may arise in consequence of sudden changes in temperature.

This composition makes the material durable, resistant. It is high performance raised ceramoplastic among other roofing materials in the first place.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

Specifications keramoplasta

Keramoplast for the roof - the best option, because this material includes the following features:

  • undulating form sheets;
  • smooth (200h90 cm) or texture (170h85 cm) surface;
  • sheet thickness of 3 to 4 mm;
  • It has a uniform paint;
  • easily malleable to the processing by stock removal;
  • in order to shape, keramoplast sufficiently heated;
  • High strength (at a thickness of 3 mm and having a weight of 9 kg, the strength will be 1500 kg / cubic meter);
  • high performance waterproofing;
  • high thermal insulation performance;
  • high sound insulation performance;
  • resists wind and snow;
  • insensitive to temperature;
  • impervious to corrosion and decay;
  • it is possible to use in all climates;
  • ecological;
  • composed of no toxic inclusion;
  • It is intended for repeated use;
  • economical (cheap to maintain).

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

Pros and cons of the roof keramoplasta

Like other types of roofing keramoplastikovaya has advantages and disadvantages. You can distinguish the following main advantages:

  • color saturation remains throughout the useful life of the same as it was in new material since color pigment stains not only the surface of the sheet, but all of the material throughout its thickness;
  • when walking on the roof of keramoplasta, only sheets will sag slightly, but did not break;
  • almost does not pass the sound;
  • absolutely do not accumulate static electricity;
  • absolutely does not corrode;
  • low cost of installation;
  • wide palette of colors;
  • maintainability.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

The disadvantages of this type of roofing are:

  • this type of roof is a fire hazard, so the locations where the sheets abut must perform aprons of nonflammable material;
  • difficult to distinguish the original from the roof keramoplastikovuyu forgery (forgery after some time will begin to lose its color);
  • frequently during transport or installation scratches are formed (they are easily removed blowtorch or conventional hairdryer);
  • cracking due to improper installation.

As you can see, the benefits from such a roof is much more than the disadvantages. If you are satisfied with the performance, but worried how it will look keramoplastikovaya roof houses with this photo you can see the cover at the end.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

Ceramoplastic types of roofing

Ceramoplastic choice for a roof depends on its application and personal tastes. There are the following types:

1. "Keramoplast" sheet.

  • Surface: smooth or undulating (wave height of 2.7 cm);
  • dimensions (in inches): 200h90h0,45 (0.3);
  • weight (in kilograms), 12 (9);
  • Application: most often used on the roofs zhilichnyh or administrative premises. Same view from all angles and no sagging allow its use in roofs, sheds.

2. "Teton" sheet.

  • surface: triangular corrugations, textured;
  • Dimensions (in inches): 170h85h0,45;
  • weight (in kilograms): 11;
  • Application: pitched and hinged roof. This type keramoplasta looks great on the roofs of houses.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

3. Tile "Keramoplast".

  • Surface: classic undulating (wave height 2.7 cm), smooth;
  • Dimensions (in inches): 90h50h0,45;
  • weight (in kilograms): 3;
  • Application: externally similar to the French tile, so it is often used for roofing houses and arbors.

4. Tile "Teton".

  • surface textured;
  • Dimensions (in inches): 56h87h0,45;
  • weight (in kilograms): 3.7;
  • Application: pitched roof cottages, sheds. Suffice distinctive tiles, will make the roof a unique and refined.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

Calculation of roofing ceramoplastic

Once selected ceramoplastic view, go to the next stage - calculation. One of the most important stages. ceramoplastic calculation for the roof is carried out on special online calculator. To do this, you must know the length of the skate and rays. Next, specify the type of roof (pent, gable, broken line) and the program will calculate the right amount of material. If you are having difficulty with the length died out, you can call gager.

Installation of the roof with his hands

Ceramoplastic installation on the roof - the process is time consuming, but it is possible to perform it by yourself.

Step by step guide of the roof installation:

1. Remove the old shingles. If it is in good condition, it is possible to sell it, thereby partially recoup the costs.

2. Check podkrovlennuyu insulation. If damaged need to be replaced.

Podkrovlennaya insulation - one of the most important structures in the house. Besides the fact that it lays down a whole load of tiles, it is opposed to the wind and moisture. There are two types of insulation Roofing "breathable" and sealed. When replacing the can choose the type that will count more fit for your home.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

3. Follow the crate.

Crate - construction of vertical and horizontal bars made of wood, tiles will be installed on it. Professional builders at this point creates the roof of keramoplasta drawings, as will be located lathing and sheets, but you can skip this process. Vertical bars are needed for ventilation premises, and the horizontal - to support the rafters. Thickness of boards selected for lathing, should be more than 3 cm and their width - 10 cm. Regardless of the angle at which the slope is the roof pitch batten should be more than 38 cm, and the distance between the first 2 bars - 28 cm . Prior to the installation of all structures made of wood must be treated with antiseptic and fire retardant mixture (fire retardant).

4. Set keramoplast.

Install keramoplasta sheets can be on their own, because it is not of great difficulty, the only thing you have to remember that this stage zatrebyvaet precision and accuracy. Stacking sheets or shingles do overlap (overlap sheet is 10 cm, and the side overlap - 5 cm). Also, we carry out the process in a horizontal direction against the wind.

There are several ways keramoplasta styling. Consider them all:

  • Stacking conventional manner. Bed sheets are as follows: a number to the row. The yield overlapping four sheets. To reduce the thickness of the overlap and prevent deformation of the material at the cut off corners of the sheet 2, on one nahodyaschiehsya horizontal.
  • Laying zigzags. It is used to avoid overlap of 4 sheets. This installation involves placing each second series of offset (half the previous row). Can be guided through the joint (it should be in the middle of the top sheet).
  • Laying under a large area of ​​the roof. In this case, thus simplifies assembling: laid with the lower row, then the lateral rows to the ridge (laying angle is 90 degrees). All other sheets are stacked on the horizontal.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

5. Installation ceramoplastic the roof.

First time installation, anchoring partially sheets. This is necessary in order to ensure the correct installation of end and side laps. If all goes well, we can fix the sheets with screws completely (you can use return instead of screws, self-tapping screws, with protective polymer caps, roof color). For proper mounting, use the thread. Pulling her anchoring screws on the beam line. In no case do not need to over-tighten the screws crest of the wave, it may result in a distortion of the sheets.

To prevent swelling, proceed as follows: Drill ridge 3 mm larger than the diameter of fasteners. Details in primary fastening sheets are used in an amount of 30, subsequent to - 20. After the end of the installation ceramoplastic proceed to mount the ridge. If you want to see in detail how to set keramoplastikovaya roof video of step by step instructions are at the end.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

6. Installation of the ridge.

All elements of the ridge through the castle mount. Before being mounted horse, you need to make sure that the first row of fastening screws (screws) covered ridge. Details nailed by means of fixing nails (three of them on each side). In the case where the inner joint is shaped valley, then settle down before mounting a deck waterproofing layer. The replacement of suitable film or sheet roofing IZOSPAN. Next laid ridge. Clearances are formed in the middle of internal joints and sheets, sealing by means of sealing.

7. Installation of wind angles.

In order to prevent ingress of water in the so-called end parts of the roof, use wind angles. Install them in places overlapped edge end portions 10 cm. The first wing on ulozhivaem ceramoplastic sheets, and the second attach to the end beam. On each wing 3 do mounting.

8. Installation of additional equipment.

Additional equipment is an important part of the installation of the roof. These elements include snegoderzhateli, stairs, walkways for chimney sweeps. All this equipment will extend the operation of the roof.

The installation of the roof is finished keramoplastikovoy. Now your roof looks refined and at the same time it is very durable, able to withstand all conditions.

Installation keramaplastikovoy roof with his hands. Ceramoplastic choose for the roof

Care tips keramaplastikovoy roof

1. Moving on the roof using special decks with a width of more than 30 cm (to evenly distribute the load created by your weight). This helps to avoid deformations or breakages of sheets keramoplasta.

2. In winter, in the case of large accumulations of snow, remove it entirely with a shovel made of wood.

3. If the frost formed on the roof in any case, do not use sharp objects, and put them very carefully, so as not to damage the surface.

Many people are afraid to use in the repair of houses, new types of materials. And it's a huge mistake. The proof is keramoplast. Such material will last for a long time, it looks nice, and the price does not make dismayed. In addition, installation keramaplastikovoy roof can be done alone, without any problem, using the recommendations listed in the article. Also remember about the rules of operation and maintenance of this surface. Follow them, and your roof will always be attractive and serviceable.

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