Installation of a wooden roof

Installation of a wooden roof

Modern building materials market offers a huge range of different kinds of roof coverings. The roof of the tree is not very popular, although it has many advantages. First of all, note environmental wood coatings and its safety for human health and for the environment. On peculiarities of the wooden roof installation described below.

Table of contents:

  1. Wood roofs: advantages and disadvantages
  2. Variations and apparatus wooden roof
  3. Calculation and estimate on the wooden roof
  4. Technology wooden roof: features styling

Wood roofs: advantages and disadvantages

If the roof is covered with tiles made of wood, then for its installation will require a lot of time. Since each locking member is carried out manually. However, wooden roof has good sound insulation characteristics. Furthermore, wood has excellent insulating properties and is a regulator of healthy atmosphere in the room, i.e. if the room humidity, the wood absorbs moisture when the room air is dry, the wood is gradually gives moisture.

Installation of a wooden roof

The roof, made of wood has an attractive appearance, as the tree - a natural material, which fits well into the surrounding countryside. The cost of buying a wooden roof average, compared with the alternatives of the roof, but if make a roof by yourself, you will need much less material investments.

The principle of operation of the roof of wood is that it when wet swells and creates a complete structure. At that time, when it's dry weather, the tree is reduced, and through the cracks air circulates between them, winding roof space. That is, the tree is the so-called waterproofing and fan to these functions naturally. Therefore, during the installation of a wooden roof is no need for stacking layers of steam and waterproof character. Thus, the reduced cost of the roof.

The roof of the tree is distinguished primarily by the functionality. With wood, you can build all sorts of roofs of the houses, gazebos, sheds, barns, etc. Wooden roofs are resistant to wind, snow, high and low temperature. The duration of operation of the wood roof is more than fifty years, with the right care and treatment of wood. A special kind of impregnation makes wood resistant to moisture, fire, and all sorts of negative influences.

Installation of a wooden roof

Also, the roof of the wood has excellent thermal insulation properties, it does not accumulate condensation on the surface, so does not need insulation and waterproofing.

Therefore, highlighting the advantages of a wooden roof, we note:

  • aesthetic appearance of the coating;
  • efficiency of wood roof;
  • environmental security;
  • versatility of application and versatility.

Installation of a wooden roof

Variations and apparatus wooden roof

The roof of the tree has a fairly broad in scope. In relation to the installation site is determined by the type of roof, its function and design. In addition, the roof of the wood is factory-made or made yourself at home. For added decoration roof perform artistic carvings on its lower sections. In relation to the configuration features of the wood roof, they can be:

1. shingle coating.

Gaunt called individual portions of the roof, in a stab or sawn plates having a rectangular section, a trapezoidal shape. Each of the boards amenable peculiar grooving. Their connection is made by means of studs and grooves and additional fixation on the surface of the batten. If the wood construction of the roof made of materials neshpuntirovannogo type, the fixing battens on a surface and is carried out exclusively between the nails or screws. Connectors are mounted on the surface of the two plates and enter the lattice by two centimeters.

In order to calculate the required amount of material for roofing shingle should initially determine circuit wooden roof. To determine the batten spacing should divide it by the number of layers, two or three, depending on the design features of the roof.

Note that the sawn materials have lower performance properties and technical quality, since their sawing is the destruction of the natural structure of wood fibers, wood becomes so unstable to moisture, ultraviolet and other external irritants.

Wooden roof photo:

Installation of a wooden roof

2. A wooden roof as shingles or wood chips.

These embodiments are more simplified roof, they differ in size and thickness. Each face of the roof has a length of about forty centimeters. In order to make a wooden roof with his hands, should split the chocks on the boards uncalibrated type. Note that the timber must differ impressive size, and at the same time must not contain in their composition the moisture. The optimal level of moisture content of wood is 17%. At low humidity, the tree will crack during splitting. The inner part of the logs is not used for the roof construction, since it has low performance.

Each element of the roof shingles or wood chips must not contain in its composition indent or knots. It is best to make the roof of coniferous materials or alder. Mounting of roof shingles wooden carried staggered in several layers, with obligatory observance overlaps, both the vertical and horizontal position.

Note that to the side plates abut each other, should be removed from them a chamfer at an angle of forty-five degrees. Furthermore thus improve the appearance of the roof covering.

3. The roof of wood - shingle.

Installation of a wooden roof

This embodiment has the shape of a roof tile, which is set with a small overlap that has no clear staggered and slightly shifted. Fixing elements of a wooden roof is carried out with a small gap. During wetting, tiles increases in size and forms a solid floor, which prevents ingress of moisture into the room. During the manufacture of this kind of roofing location should take into account the wood fibers. Otherwise, there is a risk of deformation of the roof.

4. Roof Ploughshare type.

This type of roof has long been used for roof ornaments in churches and mansions of the boyars. Each particle of the roof is an artistic work of art created by hand. In order to build this option the roof will need to have aspen and hand tools. Time for preparation of wood - the middle or the end of spring. During this period, the tree contains in its structure a large amount of juice. The cost of roofing Ploughshare type quite high, due to the difficulties encountered in the course of its production.

5. The roof plank embodiment.

Installation of a wooden roof

This consists of a roof boards made of coniferous wood, which are set in the longitudinal or transverse direction. Installing cornice boards transversely slice is more practical. In the central part of the roof gutter mounted, through which water flows. Installation of roof in two layers, observing the gaps or without them. To fix the boards on the surface is used exclusively nails. The heartwood is mounted on the outer part. The inner layer of the core is set to the bottom. If the installation is in the longitudinal direction, it is necessary to initially set obshivnuyu board, which will be fixed roof. Each board is set to the previous overlapping 50 mm.

To build a shingle or wood chips small enough experience with carpentry tools. Thus, the roofing cost is greatly reduced. Note that the timber must have a low moisture content, and the process of maturation of logs, after sawing of at least three years. When sawing logs into small lumps, while the blanks is reduced by several times. The process of splitting the tree has dried rather laborious, but in this case it is possible to obtain a reliable and durable coating.

Installation of a wooden roof

Calculation and estimate on the wooden roof

To avoid problems with lack of roofing materials in the course of their placement, should be to calculate the necessary amount of wood for the roof. In order to determine the amount of material factory production, enough to take advantage of special tables and diagrams from the manufacturer. With their help, knowing the total area of ​​the roof, it is able to calculate the amount of material fairly quickly and with high precision. In this case, the storage is enough to get 5-6% more material. Since there is a risk of the tree of marriage, for example, incorrectly hammered nails.

roof size determines its steepness. In order to independently calculate the amount of material to be determined consumption of wood per square meter of roof area.

Note that the material in the form of shingles and chips is quite easy, so for them settling planed lathing thin poles. From step execution lathing depends number of layers and the interval of laying roofing or overlap between the tiles. In the process of stacking three layers of shingles, the overlapping of two thirds of the total material. If the number of layers is increased to four, then the material must be laid by three-quarters.

Installation of a wooden roof

Overlap during laying wooden elements is performed both vertically and horizontally. Note that the maximum slope of the roof, made of wood is not more than 75 degrees. By increasing the slope of the roof depends on the duration of operation of the roofing. The slope of the roof at 12-19 degrees is critical. The height of the ramp depends on the amount of materials used in the process of resettlement.

If the size of timber used in the process of manufacturing shingle is four meters, it is divided into ten parts, each of which is about forty centimeters. One chock used to make no more than four boards whose width is 150 mm. The elements do not need the performance of accurate calibration. In the longitudinal direction of one meter roofing is placed about seven plates. The number of layers of roofing material determines the amount required for its arrangement. More often than not, used three-layer packing material.

If the roof is designed for saunas, gazebos, farm building or barn, it is enough to lay two layers. In this case, to form one roof meter will only fourteen plates. For finishing gable roof or facade cladding used shingles. Note that the first row of plates is considerably less than in the following.

Installation of a wooden roof

Technology wooden roof: features styling

Depending on the weight of the wooden roof is a medium-gravity material. Therefore, it does not need a powerful arrangement of rafters system. Step batten arrangement depends on the pitch of each of the fixing elements. Before you produce crate, you must create a project, which will include all the details of the roof mounting.

According to the recommendations of experienced craftsmen, crates should be constructed without gaps in the form of a continuous sheathing. Not install battens with a clearance of 20 to 30 cm. Please note that in order to calculate the step of the installation on the roof batten, which was built of three layers, the length should be divided into three elements. Rounding follows to the smaller side.

In order to fix the plate on the surface of roofing nails are used, made of galvanized steel. Furthermore, the variant of application for wood screws or special nails helical. Clamps are installed in the upper part of the roofing elements in the corners. In this case, the indentation of the edge is the edge at least 20 mm.

Note! If the roof is mounted with the previously installed insulation materials, then shake in any case should not be in direct contact with the waterproofing. Between settling space a ventilation gap. For this purpose, mounted kontreshetka. In the case of use as a waterproofing membrane Superdiffuzionnaya, the need for offline batten arrangement.

Installation of a wooden roof

Technological principle arrangement of the roof units the same at all locations. However, the installation locations of the chimney must equip apron made of sheet metal and hermetically fixed to the roof. For fan-beam is used vykladyvaniya valley scheme. For registration of the ridge zone should be laid between the two docked a long board, with a slight overlap. The variant of the ridge zone laying on the whole timber inside which there is a longitudinal groove.

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