Repair of the roof of a country house

Repair of the roof of a country house

A good roof in a country house and grounds - an important component of a comfortable stay, and a leaky roof has a lot of problems at the first rainfall. To eliminate leaks it is important not only to clarify the cause of the leakage, but also to identify the place where the compromised its integrity. Competent repair of the roof of the country house can make qualified, but it costs extra. In many cases, repairs can be done by yourself, especially if the available roofing materials and there is a tool.

Table of contents:

  1. What to do if the roof leaks?
  2. When carrying out repairs of the roof of the country house?
  3. The main stages of
  4. That can show the initial inspection of the roof?
  5. Roof repairs
  6. Varieties Roofing
  7. Repair villa with slate roof

What to do if the roof leaks?

Living in the private sector is known to people how important it is to have basic skills repairs in a timely manner to fix a leaky roof. Quality repair roof of the house starts with the identification of leakage locations and assess the degree of damage to roofing or roof system. It is important to know what materials undeveloped roof to conduct a competent replacement of the damaged part of the structure.

Repair of the roof of a country house

Upon detection of leakage should not just replace the whole roof, but sometimes a little problem draws attention to the fact that for a long time has already expired shelf life of roofing materials. In this case, replacement of rotten beam or a pair of sheets of slate torn hurricane, is indispensable. If you need a full renovation of the wooden roof of the house, with the entire structure replacement, it can not do without the help of experts. But if the floor structure robust and reliable, you need to replace only a few fragments of roofing materials. Partial roof repair requires troubleshooting in the part of the roof, where they found the leak.

When carrying out repairs of the roof of the country house?

Preventive repair of the old roof of the house or garden, you can start to do with the onset of warm season when vacationers begin to process the vegetable gardens and orchards. If the household purchased recently, with clear signs of neglect, it is not necessary to wait until the roof leaks, it is best to conduct an audit (assessment of) the roof. This will help identify:

  • design defects;
  • degree of deterioration (truss system, roll materials, slates, galvanized sheets, and so forth.);
  • the most likely locations of damages;
  • fungal ceilings;
  • insulation defects.

Tip: Do not postpone the repair of the roof of a country house, if on a summer family already settled in the country, to find signs of dampness in the house or in the attic, and stains on the ceiling. When is warm and dry weather - it's a good time to make a revision and repair of the roof, as the nearest rain can bring a lot of extra hassle.

Repair of the roof of a country house

Defects of the roof may not be visible for a long time and are detected only after prolonged bad weather, high winds or heavy snowfall. When the rainfall through the attic space do leak in the ceiling, to live in a country house uncomfortable. Expiration service roofing material, or excessive moisture in the attic for many is not a reason to make repairs. It is usually postponed indefinitely.

Urgent repairs farmhouse roof is required in some cases:

  • apparent leakage of the roof;
  • absence fragment after roof element;
  • violation of the integrity of the roof covering;
  • a curved shape of the roof because of the rotten beams.

The main stages of

The need to make repairs to the roof of house, the prices for roofers services and the cost of materials taken by surprise, but many types of work is easy to do yourself. Any roofing work seem complicated, especially when it is completed by professionals. It's like a culinary masterpiece - on the plate seems unique, but simpler, if you read a recipe or learn cooking technology from the pros. And if you find out how much the repair roof of the house, then the removal of a small leak or defect want to do with their hands.

Tip: If you break the overall task into several stages, and each of them perform slowly, carefully and in accordance with the technology - no big deal.

Repair of the roof of a country house

1. On the outer side of the roof is carried initial examination to assess the overall status of the roof and its integrity. Especially carefully checked the integrity of the ridge and the place where the leaves outside the furnace or chimney.

2. On the inner side of the roof is carried Primary "Diagnostics" leakage detection space possible stains, stains and mildew lesions.

3. The attempt to establish the cause of the leakage on the basis of the external and internal inspection.

Note: The water tends to seep through the slightest gap or a defect in the roofing material.

4. On how carefully conducted diagnostics depend on the cost of repairs and volume of work. We are further defined with a suitable choice of roofing material.

5. The degree of damage to the roof shape, the presence of the attic, and the extent of leakage selection method depends roofing roof repairs.

6. Preparation of the tool and the purchase of materials for repair. Roofing materials, to be used on a fragment of a roof should best meet those used before. Sometimes it is difficult, for example due to the fact that such a material or its modification is no longer produced. Then it makes sense to make a new roof.

7. Repairs to the assistant. It is important to observe all the precautions so that no one fell off the roof. This kind of repair is not recommended alone, that there was, who provide assistance in case of emergency.

Repair of the roof of a country house

Note: Pre-check the integrity and reliability of the stairs, use the helmet installer, observe all safety precautions.

8. Check the quality of the work to make sure - leakage is eliminated. In accordance with the instruction to roofing materials, pauses to occur full adhesion materials.

Tip: If there are doubts about the quality of repair, you should not rely on a "maybe". Better just to correct spelling, than to go back again to serious repair of the roof of the country house, whose price could double.

That can show the initial inspection of the roof?

The success of the partial repair provides leakage detection space, or the defect of the roof formed holes. Sometimes finding seems obvious, but water can on the inclined surface or the groove to drain from another location, which complicates the diagnosis roof integrity. It is particularly difficult to solve the problem, if obvious traces of water accumulation under the roof there, but the damp attic eloquently testifies in favor of a roofing problem.

Note: Sometimes, chronic dampness and mold factory in the attic for another reason - the primitiveness of the roof and its lack of improvement. As often happens in a country house, to the arrangement of the roof which are often irresponsible. If there is no insulation, waterproofing, ventilation and rain gutter of the roof, condensation in certain places will remind leaking roof.

Repair of the roof of a country house

Traces of leakage - are:

  • stains on the ceiling in the living room under the attic or loft;
  • puddles on the floor in the room of the attic or under the stains on the ceiling and walls in the rooms of the house;
  • separate portions of the attic mold and moisture on the beams, with the full ventilation;
  • increased formation of condensation in one place, where there is no metal parts during normal waterproofing and insulation;
  • stains and rust stains on the ceiling and wall.

If you are sure you have found the problem areas in the roof on several of these symptoms, it is necessary to prepare for repair. It is best done in a dry and warm weather, especially in areas with moist climate. Open roof section when rainfall will exacerbate the problem.

Tip: If you open the roof area for the repair and the weather suddenly turned bad - Beds film for waterproofing and temporary substitute basins in Metakhim where rain may drip.

Repair of the roof of a country house

Roof repairs

Roof repair is partial and total, depending on the degree of damage, and it is produced is not only because of the leaks, but if the life of the coating has expired. Do not forget that the most effective complete overhaul:

  • replacing rotten beams and some structural details of roof system (gain), crates;
  • partial or complete replacement of roofing material;
  • arrangement of steam and waterproofing the attic;
  • create conditions for adequate ventilation and decrease the formation of condensation;
  • attic insulation on the beams.

The modern market of roll waterproofing and roofing materials is quite extensive:

  • different types of tiles;
  • slate;
  • galvanized roofing;
  • soft roof;
  • composite materials.

All species have their advantages and disadvantages. At present, the most common roofing material is considered to be metal. With this material work the majority of firms carrying out the replacement of the roof.

Note: If you need to completely cut off the country house, the cost of repairing the roof of the house will cost about 2-3 times more expensive than the cost of the roofing material. The calculations are guided to the area of ​​the roof ramps. Repair gambrel roof, respectively, more than the gable. Complex shape of the roof and the attic will pull more costs.

Tip: When you replace the self-part roof system, remember that you can not use raw timber, which has a high moisture content. Beams and lathing sure to carefully handle the special impregnation against fungi, as well as for fire protection.

Repair of the roof of a country house

For waterproofing and insulation of the attic is used:

  • mineral (basalt) cotton;
  • roll insulation;
  • spraying polystyrene and others.

The better the repair of the roof, insulation and waterproofing, responsible choice of materials, the longer the roof, which for many years will not be a problem. Reliable roof in a country house in the - it's the absence of discomfort and comfort of living a longer period.

Repair of the roof of a country house

Varieties Roofing

Partial replacement or repair fragmented involves eliminating leaks that are detected at initial diagnosis. Sometimes this leads to wrong stacked coating without proper waterproofing.

Some problems arise from the difficult weather conditions in a given climate zone, which is important to consider for a more reliable arrangement of the roof. For example, if the temperature difference leads to microfractures, and roofing material quickly came into disrepair, some of it is to abandon in favor of more sustainable to unfavorable factors.

Also notice the flaws, which may subsequently lead to the formation of new leakage points. For example:

  • offset coating sheet;
  • there was rust or corrosion on some elements of the roof;
  • there are cracks in the waterproofing;
  • in some places there are no bolts, screws, roofing nails;
  • mold or fungus on a crate or some beams.

Small defects sufficiently treat or assembly foam sealant tape seal assembly or processed in another way. The more problems identified in the diagnosis and removed, the less likely that these works have to apply some time.

Repair of the roof of a country house

Repair villa with slate roof

Slate eventually loses its properties, cracks, overgrown with moss and requires partial or complete replacement. This is the easiest type of repair, which recommended their hands. Defects is important to identify both outside and inside the slab.

Note: Pay attention to the kinds of slate and the size of sheets, for example, 8 or 12-wave wave to new sheets suitable for the replacement of old!

In a dry clear weather from the roof remove dry leaves, twigs and other debris. Next removed leaky (cracked) fragments roof. Repair the slate can be mixed with the mixture of special cement, asbestos, and mounting adhesive. Make it easy, in the proportion of 3: 2 is mixed asbestos and cement, diluted with water and PVA 1: 1 construction or other liquid adhesive. To bring the composition to a density of sour cream. Work is done with gloves and a respirator.

by patching work is best done on a cloudy day - so the composition dries slowly without cracks and defects. Before applying the composition of the slate soils. It is possible to use a special primer or diluted PVA glue in the ratio 3: 1. When the primer layer is dry - the mixture is applied for sealing. Patch made in 2-3 layers after drying.

When replacing individual sheets slate on crate for sealing fit roll waterproofing layer. The sheets are placed on top of the bottom corner diagonally overlap in order to provide water runoff from the roof. The second and subsequent rows is aligned to the previous coat. Slate to the sheathing nailed special nails that are hammered into the "comb".

Repair of the roof of a country house

Tip: If you need to cut part of the sheet, use a grinder.

Upon completion of the repair of the roof it is important to test it, for example, using a wet sponge, but just a lot of pouring water is not necessary. If there is any doubt, then after 2-3 days, this area can be further processed on the inside with foam, but does need a bit of that there is no bulging.

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