Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

Interior designers often turn to ethnic roots as a fashion more confidently enters a country kitchen in a rustic style and decoration of the dining area under the Russian Terem. Kitchen-living room in a rustic style - always warm and homely atmosphere and a special comfort, so this trend will never go out of fashion. Although in a city apartment fully recreate the atmosphere of ancient huts difficult with a Russian stove, but the correct approach is real good imitation.

Table of contents:

  1. What is the secret appeal of rustic
  2. Main features of country house and modern options in interior design
  3. What finishing materials suitable for the kitchen in a rustic style
  4. Key additions to the design of the kitchen in a rustic style

What is the secret appeal of rustic

The rustic interior always brings pleasant nostalgic memories, evokes happy feelings. Deliberate negligence and ostentatious simplicity - not just find a special design, it is an attempt to return to their national origins. Particularly relevant this kitchen design for those who are tired of the metropolis rhythm or who grew up in a village house. It seems that there is still the smell of my grandmother foam raspberry jam, bouquets of chamomile and bundle of garlic. For example, as in the design of modern cuisine in a rustic style - photo.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

The way of life of any people is most clearly reflected in the arrangement of dishes. Russian log hut, for example, has long been one of the main attributes of identity of our people. Archaeologists believe that the hut prototype originated before our era, and a wooden frame have improved for many centuries. Similarly, little has changed and the interior, while the overall architecture of the cottage has not changed much, but it is good transformed by modernity. Only now are no longer drown in the black, and the queen of the parlor was the Russian stove with tiles.

The village life and equipping Russian towers sung by poets and writers, and the way of life and overall device immortalized artists. Many of the attributes of the old items is reflected in fairy tales and films, but real samovar a coal or a small tub with a tap for the mead can be seen only in a museum. Modern kitchen design in a rustic style was a little different - the majority of antiques replaced appliances and electrical appliances, but the overall flavor remains the same.

In Russia, a miserable peasant hut eventually successfully transformed into a luxury tower chopped in which willingly settled wealthy family of merchants and boyars. Next erected auxiliary constructions, diluted gardens and berry Palisades oblashtovuvaly patio and lush facade Russian manor. Today, to build houses in the Russian style, with an emphasis on environmental friendliness, although in life have become part of the plastic and nitroemali. However, modern kitchen design in a rustic style suggests an abundance of natural wood, ceramics and other natural materials.

However, it is not necessary to rustic interior modern kitchen has been decorated exactly antique, but light touch "retro" is still assumed. In many countries this is called generalized style of country music, but has a slightly different shape. It is impossible to confuse the interior of the kitchen in the American cowboy ranch with a cozy chalet in the Swiss Alps. French Provence is also different from the Russian women's quarters, but is caught in them something in common. Compare: country-style kitchen - a photo in the examples.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

What was once only interested historians, ethnographers, or avid collectors, has now become mandatory addition of a kitchen in a rustic style. And indeed, it is difficult to resist the temptation - to fill things dining area with a clear touch of rustic retro:

  • icon under the embroidered towel in the corner;
  • crochet starched tablecloth;
  • samovar on the table (even electric);
  • pottery hand-painted;
  • linen napkins with openwork;
  • terracotta tiles in the style;
  • large ficus on a wooden tripod;
  • homespun rugs underfoot;
  • a panel of "wild-stone" as Russian furnace with integrated electric fire, instead of burning logs and so forth.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

It will be interesting to perform design of the kitchen in a rustic style with their own hands, especially in the home, we had inherited, which comes in the summer on weekends numerous relatives. In such circumstances, there is a place with an old sideboard popular prints, stools and handmade wooden bench instead of the sofa, shelves near the ceiling. Except furniture, and a special color will create a teapot with cups "Gzhel" tasteless bowl of roses, old aluminum cups that hold the secrets of the family history, and other heirlooms.

Today, the village design the most appropriate in a large country house, but in a small apartment can express attraction to their national traditions. This explains the growing popularity of the lowly, but so near the heart of the interior. In this style it is possible to find a use eco-friendly materials, things "hand-made" and retro gizmos. Kitchen country style - a deliberate simplicity and naturalness, an unusually cozy ambience and antique paraphernalia.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

Main features of country house and modern options in interior design

1. A lot of people in the more spacious houses since antiquity practiced the upper room, a place for the reception of food meeting. She served as living room, dining room and guest bedrooms. In the Upper Room icons hung on the shrine and the lamp under the embroidered towels in the corner. Nearby stood a large dining table with chairs, stools or benches long, depending on income. At the head of the table is always set high chair with a high back for the home owner.

A modern version of the parlor - a studio apartment, large loft apartment without walls and a house without walls with different variants of zoning. Most often, designers offer a modern kitchen design in a rustic style, which is reminiscent of the well-groomed upper room. The main difference of the modern interior:

  • expressed zoning, including modern elements (bar, podium);
  • island or ordinary gas stove;
  • fireplace instead of a Russian stove (another imitation of the hearth);
  • the absence of a stationary heavy furniture, which replaced the light patterns of modern upholstered furniture in the style of the country;
  • near the dining table set exhibit comfortable easy chairs with soft seats.

2. A special role in a village house includes a furnace, it is often called the "queen of the house", which occupied a substantial portion of the space. Often it contains columns that rested on the beams in the ceiling. Part of the oven served warm lager, was covered with sleeping children and the elderly. In the corner of the furnace are numerous kitchen utensils on shelves and hooks. This place was strictly ordered - nothing nonfunctional. Ornament utensils were carving or drawings on the arms and back of the dishes and all kinds of appliances for cooking. Festive dishes were placed on a shelf above the window.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

A modern version of the hearth for cooking - gas stove with an apron decorated with mosaics and lined with ceramic tiles respective country coloring style. Like the old situation embodiment, this zone decorate hung out by sieve size, ladles, buckets, shovels for frying, etc. A typical modern decoration country kitchens bright steel tack -. Knitted or sewn with applique. Instead of shelves above the window today often make long stand at the ceiling, which can hold an entire collection of ceramic ware with painted by hand. The very gas stove, while conforming to the ancient canons, closed with wooden doors, which are in color and decor match the other furniture for the kitchen. Preference is given to natural veneer, wood or imitation.

3. With respect to the other kitchen furniture, we note that it was a bit, but it was thorough, strong and durable. Many centuries ago, there was no case furniture in the conventional sense, it was replaced by the chests that are used for additional seating. Sideboards or cabinets, display cases - the descendants of the old cupboards, they kept the main supply of utensils and spices. Benches with backs were decorated with carvings, and often they were attached directly to the wall. Wooden sofa was more like a bench, but it was the main place where the guests were sleeping. They are covered with colorful patchwork quilts and pillows are provided with bright embroidery embroidery or cross-stitch.

A modern version - a sofa in country style, covered with a patchwork quilt of patchwork in Thiele and colorful cushions are no longer spread the pyramid, but often use the same technique of embroidery. Chests, shelves, and a snack replaced furniture, which also picked up in the style of the country - with carved wooden doors or an imitation thereof. The abundance of glass doors and shelves today have become part of our everyday life, but they do not match the rustic style.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

What finishing materials suitable for the kitchen in a rustic style

Choosing ideas for decorating the kitchen in the style of "Russian country", it is important to bear in mind that there are a few areas:

  • village hut;
  • Russian tower;
  • foreign "a la Russe" (in the representation of foreigners).

The first embodiment assumes a simple home environment, natural materials and a minimum of embellishment. A stylized Russian tower - a special Rublevskiy chic, popular and scenery foreign restaurants "a la russe." Fancy stylized Russian country well fit into the overall design of the house or an apartment, especially if you ask for. But it is important to furnish an exact match.

Russian glamor borrowed some features from other styles:

  • classic;
  • baroque;
  • Russian Art Nouveau.

The emphasis on rustic country - it is a simple form of furniture, "calico" colors in textiles and natural discreet colors in the decor.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

1. The walls should have a finish that is common in the province everywhere, but in different regions it was a natural wood or whitewash lime-chalk mixture of clay on top of the base. Permissible replacement whitewash will be latex paint, which is clean, but it looks like a traditional chalk. Old Stoves wealthier Russians in the old days were decorated with tiled floors, so modern white tiles with a pattern in style of the country is quite acceptable.

2. Flooring - only natural wood or laminate with a waterproof opaque wood decor. It is better if it is an imitation wide board, for example, with the effect of aged oak.

3. The ceilings can be plain white or in the form of beams of the ceiling, it is important to consider the type of lighting.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

4. Windows white PVC with double-glazed windows in the village kitchen irrelevant, only the wooden frame or laminated wood plastic. A good option - addition of windows carved architraves and shutters are appropriate only in a private home.

5. The doors should also be a natural wood can be a massive wrought-iron handles or bolt antique. Trim, soffits and the console also can be supplemented with wood carvings and other handmade ornaments.

When choosing colors should give preference warm tones or pastel tones. Appropriate white, sweet cream, brown, all shades of wood, beige and gray. The main bright accents - natural green, red, yellow or blue.

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

Key additions to the design of the kitchen in a rustic style

Supplement wisely chosen textiles will add rustic color with design of the kitchen. Instead of interior doors often hung colored chintz curtains, today, too, can be supplemented with the interior of the kitchen in this attribute. The curtains on the windows can be a worthy addition to the country-style:

  • crocheted in the art fillet;
  • sewn from fabric with a plain white original embroidery with openwork or delicate patterns dislodged needle.

Textile is never too much when it comes to the kitchen in the country style:

  • favored by many generations of knitted and embroidered cloth;
  • delicate white tablecloths on the festive table under the samovar painted trays;
  • embroidered towels, and towels;
  • bright applique on the tack in the form of gloves;
  • Cloth material web on the shelves with lace border (border) for which give beautiful dishes;
  • curtain along the roof rack on the wings, where you can hide away from prying eyes rarely used kitchen "props";
  • embroidered linen bags for storing medicinal herbs, seeds, and spices that are suspended on the ceiling beams.

Tip: Any decoration is a measure - give preference to knitted additions or embroidery, they should not be combined. Embroidery cross-stitch and also better not to mix. Special chic - Vologda lace decor in the kitchen (under the style of Russian tower).

Kitchen in a rustic style: photo ideas, design features

A special role has always been at the samovar, though today a place of honor in the kitchen is now given to its electric counterpart. Tea with pancakes and jam with the service and bright samovar - a tradition which has come into the life of modern man because of Russian village life style.

Lamps can mimic the lamps or candles, but it should give preference to forging - bronze, silver, and copper. In the center you can hang a lampshade likeness assembled from wooden bridges or woven from a rod in the form of baskets.

In rural areas, the kitchen is always decorated with bundles of onions and garlic, medicinal and fragrant herbs. It will be a great decoration colorful dishes, especially with a list of traditional folk technique:

  • Gzhel;
  • Palekh;
  • Dymkovo toy and so on.

All kinds of ceramic figurines in the form of animals, birds and fish, baskets, boxes made of birch bark - all of them will be a worthy addition of a kitchen in a rustic style.

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