Finishing a country house with their hands

Finishing a country house with their hands

With the statement that the cottage - the best place for relaxation and oneness with nature is difficult to argue. Many residents of the metropolis in the spring and summer without regret leaving the comfortable apartment and move into cottages. Where if not here you can enjoy the fresh air and home-like atmosphere? If the countryside of ownership are not as comfortable as you want to, it's time to think about finishing of country house. This is one of the most effective ways to give structure a unique look and realize the dream of paradise away from the eternal bustle of the crowded city.


  1. Exterior finish of a country house
    • Siding
    • Blockhouse, false beams and paneling
    • Decorative plaster
    • Facing stone
  2. Finishing a country house inside
    • gypsum plasterboard
    • Plywood
    • plastic panels
    • Wallpaper
  3. Internal furnish country house: photo
  4. Internal furnish country house: video

Exterior finish of a country house

Exterior finish - effective way to transform the design of the house, to give the structure a modern look, insulate it and protect against exposure to precipitation. Materials for covering today quite a lot, but the most popular options are the following:


Not without reason, this material has a leading position. It is hardly necessary to give the possibility to get a huge "bag" of advantages at quite affordable price:

  • wide range of colors;
  • rapid alignment of the facade;
  • concealing minor defects;
  • durability;
  • neutrality with regard to the negative impact of natural phenomena;
  • additional insulation;
  • easy installation.

Finishing a country house with their hands

Pros are endless. Fire protection, nonsusceptibility corrosion, rot and delamination. Siding requires no maintenance, is easy to replace the damaged section, and even the sheathing material has high noise and wind insulation if necessary. If you want a long time to forget about the exterior renovation work, need to plaster, paint and other unpleasant manipulation, then finish a country house outside siding panels will be a one-time solution of many problems.

Blockhouse, false beams and paneling

Many owners of cottages want to give a special structure of respectability. And what could be more beautiful than wood? The façade country house using materials made from natural wood - a trend that does not lose relevance.

Raised timber creates beams imitation, blockhouse - round logs. Falshbrus - sheathing board that provides many benefits:

  • strength;
  • a light weight;
  • no need for thermal insulation, as Wood - retains heat well;
  • low humidity and consequently nonsusceptibility rotting and fungal diseases;
  • creating a perfectly smooth surface as soon as possible;
  • preserving original quality for a long time;
  • dummy bar is not deformed and does not crack;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • reasonable cost.

Blokhuas It looks like a log, but the performance of it above. This material is durable, smooth, does not crack or bend, it has good noise and heat insulation performance, is not inflammable, resistant to ultraviolet light.

Finishing a country house with their hands

Blockhouse - a kind of lining board having one side wall of convex, the other - flat. rib panels are provided with tongue and groove system, which makes finishing a country house with their hands fast and simple.


If the blockhouse and the dummy bar can be called innovative trends of our time, the Lining - a classic that looks at least decent, because the quality is not inferior counterparts finishing shop:

  • harmless material and refractories;
  • It keeps the original parameters over the life of the
  • trim can be done on their own;
  • no need for additional impregnation panels, as lining comes with biosecurity.

Decorative plaster

The use of decorative plaster will be a way out if you want to update the facade quickly and at minimum cost. The structure of the material may be varied depending on the type and grain size of the filler. As the filler may be a crushed marble, quartz sand, quartz powder. The following types of plaster:

Finishing a country house with their hands

  • acrylic. Intended for finishing of concrete and brick facades. Acrylic is resistant to environmental influences, mechanical pressure, safe and elastic, which greatly facilitates the process of dressing;
  • mineral. The composition of such polymeric additives are plaster and cement. Used to trim brick houses. Raw material allows to obtain high quality results with minimal time and effort. Moreover, the unique properties of this material allow to remove excess moisture from the inside of the facade;
  • silicone. Expensive characterized by high elasticity, faultless adhesion, vapor permeability, resistance to fading, chemical and UV resistance. It involves the use of a silicone primer.

Facing stone

Chosen by those who appreciate quality "premium" class. The natural beauty and perfect form allow you to use this material without pre-treatment. With remarkable decorative data, facing stone structure gives a great view, suggests well-being and prosperity.

Finishing a country house with their hands

Browse resistance to environmental experts distinguish three groups:

  • hard rocks (gabbro, granite, siltstone, quartzite);
  • medium density rock (sandstone, marble, dolomite, limestone, travertine);
  • breed low hardness (travertine, gypsum).

There is another classification - for the method of treatment:

  • wild stone (unmounted, "ragged", unprocessed, limestone);
  • sawn (wall tiles, brick, polished stone).

Finishing a country house inside

Inner trim country house no less diverse. A myriad of options and choices will be limited only by your preferences and financial capabilities.

gypsum plasterboard

Gypsum boards can be of 2 types - dry gypsum and plaster board (gypsum fiber board). Drywall consists of gypsum, covered with cardboard on both sides. In order to increase the porosity of the foaming agent is added. This helps to reduce the weight of the material and thermal conductivity. It can be used for finishing walls and ceilings country house.

Finishing a country house with their hands

GVL - is gypsum, reinforced fiber-reinforced and compacted cellulose fiber. The result - a strong plate, which can be without fear of screwing screws, hammer nails and machining. GVL is not afraid of moisture, and thus become an indispensable tool for finishing bathroom, kitchen, basement of the cottage.


Many familiar material, which is not necessary to write off the accounts - work with it easy and get it easily. Fiberboard is made up of several layers, and can be as simple water-resistant as well as increased moisture resistance.

Finishing a country house with their hands

The walls are sheathed with plywood, "breathe", and create a healthy indoor climate. High thermal insulation properties will make the country house warmer and soundproof qualities appreciated by those who yearn for peace and tranquility. Plywood can starve, varnish, cover with wallpaper, paint ... In short, the use of any ways to create comfort and coziness.

plastic panels

Used for the interior decoration of country cottages increasingly. Available in 2 varieties: laminated and photo printing. The first will appeal to conservatives, not accustomed to striking innovations, and the second will delight connoisseurs of unusual solutions, ready to decorate the living space with original drawings and geometric abstraction.

Finishing a country house with their hands

Advantages of PVC panels:

  • simplicity of care;
  • durability;
  • fire safety;
  • large selection of colors and textures;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • ease of installation.


Wallpaper has been and remains a familiar way to decorate. Today, this method of decoration is undergoing a rebirth, because the range of wallpaper is so diverse that to choose the appropriate instance is not so easy. So, what modern consumers are choosing wallpaper for interior decoration country house?

Finishing a country house with their hands

  • vinyl;
  • liquid;
  • fabric (textile);
  • metal;
  • fiberglass;
  • Mural.

In addition to these materials for interior finishes used wood and plastic siding, stucco, block house, natural and artificial stone. As you can see, any fantasy you can implement easily. Experiment and create your dream home - a house, which is always comfortable, cozy and warm. A difficult choice to decide to help photo collection.

Internal furnish country house: photo

Finishing a country house with their hands

Finishing a country house with their hands

Finishing a country house with their hands

Finishing a country house with their hands

Finishing a country house with their hands

Finishing a country house with their hands

Internal furnish country house: video

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