Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

Overhaul is never complete without replacing the sewer system. But the price of repair specialists are forced to endure this work for the next year or get to work on their own. Without prior experience to install sewer pipes with their own hands will be very difficult, but tips and advice from our article will help meet their mounting height.

Table of contents:

  1. Beginning of work
  2. The choice of materials
  3. The calculation of the angle of inclination
  4. Scheme sewer system
  5. Dismantling of old pipes
  6. erection work
  7. Notes on Installation
  8. sealing compounds
  9. Checking for flowing sewage system
  10. conclusion

Beginning of work

One of the main components of any apartment is sewerage. This system in the room is a non-pressure and serves as a common discharge of wastewater. They must be delivered to the apartment to a common riser at home. That is to meet its immediate objectives, drainage must be at a certain angle. It is necessary that the angle of descent allows you to set the direction of wastewater and allow them to move quickly.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

Get started you need to plan sewer system. If the owners of the apartment just arrange repair with replacement of old pipes have, the task becomes much easier. If you moved to a new building, and sewage it lacks, it will be necessary to address the issue of how to construct the sewage in an apartment building. In this case, can help neighbors or employees of public utilities.

What actions should be done at the stage of planning? The first thing to decide on the future place of location of the plumbing and other important details bathrooms. Secondly, you must calculate the correct angle of the sewer pipes. Third, the need to choose the right materials for the repair work.

The choice of materials

High-quality wiring sewage in the apartment with his hands to a large extent depends on the correct selection of materials for the job. Of course, the most important part will be pipes. Previously this material was very narrow choice. The most popular cast-iron sewer pipes were considered, but our advanced century, a host of new diversity. Now mostly in their apartments owners use pipes made of plastic:

  • Poelitilenovye - their main advantage is low price. But we recommend not dwell on this Variant, because in addition to the cost of other pros have no pipes. They are highly susceptible to deformation, have a low thermal stability and sealed quite unreliable. Only "alternative" poelitilenovye manufacturers continue to supply pipes for sale. But to make repairs sewer, which will last a couple of days - is not profitable, and stupid.
  • PVC - the average cost. Hydraulic resistance of these pipes is considered the smallest. Between themselves they can be joined using adhesive dichloroethane. But there are drawbacks. Primarily limited thermal stability (80 ° C), no high strength and resistance to chemicals. Purification of PVC pipes is made exclusively via plunger or sonotrode.
  • Poliizopropilenovye - one of the most expensive pipes at the moment. It does not so smooth surfaces like PVC, but otherwise ahead of other types of sewer pipes. Withstand temperatures in excess of 130 ° C, so strong and resistant, they can withstand the mechanical and chemical cleaning.

Besides pipes must purchase the material to connect them. A better option would be silicone grease. Created it intended for installation of sewer pipes. Using silicone grease, the owner will be able to complete the repairs as soon as possible, and to reduce the flow resistance. If your choice has fallen on polypropylene pipes, it is necessary to consider that for their installation special cuffs are needed. If they fail docked, the pipe is deformed and will create in this part of the sewage system voltage due to abrupt changes of temperatures. But with the help of silicone grease can be avoided.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

The calculation of the angle of inclination

As has been foregoing, - the selection of the angle of inclination to the sewer pipe is a very important stage. If the slope is too small - the waste water can not be delivered to the right place, and if it is too high, the water will go quickly, and contamination attached to the walls of the pipe that will create permanent blockages. Therefore, there is a clearly defined range of values. Minimum pipe diameter of 5 cm will tilt angle of 3 cm / m, 11 cm - 2 cm / m, 16 cm - 0.8 cm / m, 20 cm - 0.7 cm / m. The maximum does not depend on the tube diameter and is 15 cm / m (excluding embodiments will length over half a meter). Right angle for drainage becomes possible during its vertical position.

Stand tilt angle in the apartment with his hands is quite difficult, because you need to take into account not only the parameters but also the features of the device sewer pipes. Therefore, at this stage of work is better to take professional help.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

Scheme sewer system

In conventional sewer replacement to a new one - step the scheme is no longer relevant, since it is sufficient to remember the location and mount on the same principle. But in cases where there were problems with old pipes or in the new building, they do not exist, the quality of this item will be the main key to a job well done.

The circuit connecting plumbing fixtures must include the following items:

  • the room in which the execution of works is expected;
  • in each of these spaces we denote the location of parts of sewerage system (be sure to specify the size of the elements and their distance from the wall). With that, the details - it is not just devices bathrooms, but a complete wiring;
  • the location of all fittings and service elements;
  • the place where the central sewer standpipe.

After, it is desirable to give skill Charting, to verify its correctness (the cost of such services will not be too high).

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

Dismantling of old pipes

After all previously performed actions you can start directly by the repair work. If the house was previously already sewerage system, we first need to get rid of it, and then have to dismantle the old pipes. At this stage, will play an important role relations with its neighbors. To make their own dismantling, in turn, perform the following items:

  • Choosing the walls of the place in which the sealed tube. You can choose another way to solve this problem, but more importantly, that the pipeline "released" from the walls.
  • All devices are bathrooms that are in the rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom - is eliminated and the rooms themselves are exempt from superfluous things.
  • Where they will set new parts, paint on the surface contours of a pencil.
  • We agree with neighbors on water off at a certain time.
  • Cover the risers on the floor.
  • It will also require the removal of the toilet and flush the toilet barrel.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

  • Disconnect the wiring from the sewer riser. To perform this process will need to saw the pipe at two places, the distance between them should be in the range 12-15 cm. After trying to drive a wedge into the cut, which is located further from the riser. The last action is necessary to disconnect the entire tube and to break down scrap.
  • Induced by previously drilled hole contour (or outline can obbit chisel and hammer) and empty tubes residue. While it must be remembered that the iron is quite fragile, and therefore need to perform actions very carefully.
  • Getting purification internal adjustable pipe bends and WC. Next stop up their tight using unwanted rags.
  • We serve open risers and water, and to inform about their neighbors. The main thing to warn them, after some time, you will again have to get to work.
  • Further disassembly conduit conduct starting from the distal end.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

erection work

After the elimination of old pipes pass to the installation. There are two types: Roughing and finishing. Today we look at the second option, in which the installation is carried out starting from the operation of the riser. The basic rule of this type of installation: the size is adjusted on the next and previous sewer pipe. If you do the opposite - wiring will simply not hold.

Installation Instructions sewage in the apartment is as follows:

1. The first step is to make the transition from iron pipe to plastic. You will need to install a special cuff. It is located in the disqualification of the riser.

2. After securing the cuff in the first sewer pipe section, check whether the pipe was fixed mounting.

3. Go to the pruning. It should be done carefully, observing the dimensions.

4. Next, strip the cut and remove the resulting chamfer.

5. Finish the installation by using the sealant;

6. The remaining conduit sections for collecting tubes, using the same principle.

7. To install the riser, it is necessary to fit the exact size of the pipe bowl, and then put it on the sealant and refit the bowl.

8. Once the sealant hardens completely necessary to check on the flow of sewage, to make it sound insulation and to install a water seal.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

Many people wonder whether or not the water seal an important part in the installation of sewers. Without it, the pipe is, of course, will work, but its installation is required. Appointment of water seal in the sewer system - to prevent odors. Therefore, if you do not want to hear the stench of sewage - not stint on this item.

Notes on Installation

Observing all steps for installation of pipes, the apartment owner will be able to set their own sewage system. But sometimes these repairs become too heavy for the execution. Therefore, we find useful tips for installation of sewerage in the apartment of these professionals:

  • Always wear protective clothing before you start the installation of the pipes;
  • so as not to have problems with the installation of the cuff - lubricate it with liquid soap. Then the item is much easier to be able to log in Cut the pipe;
  • to be more sure of the reliability of the system a compound grease before mounting the ends of the pipe glycerin lubricant;
  • if you do not live on the top floor - it is not recommended to replace the riser;
  • a flared pipe connection is performed using rubber seals.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

sealing compounds

To produce a seal is required to take the following steps:

  • select the correct sealant. To mount the pipes need to purchase neutral, silicone, and polyurethane;
  • must process each of the plastic spacers. Do not apply a thick layer of sealant, it will only worsen the quality of work. Also, do not forget to install the rubber gasket in the coupling;
  • require more sealant applied to the surface of the mounting tube and the outer wall of the mating sewer pipe;
  • anchoring the tube in the sleeve;
  • joints obtained enveloping cling film and flatten sealer not strongly pressing, using any tool (spatula, brush, roller, etc.);
  • the film must remain at the joints until complete solidification of the sealant.

After a complete sealing of sewage, you can start using it. But first, you need to check the installed system for leaks.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work

Checking for flowing sewage system

Checking for leaks is required to perform the steps. If you skip this process in the future sewers may just break and flood the bottom of all the neighbors. To test for the presence of leaks - fill a full bath. Next, you need to open all of the existing cranes in the room and vynyat plug out of the bath. If all leaked and appeared puddles - you can sleep peacefully, sanitation made at the highest level.

Sewer with their hands in the apartment. What to look for and how to carry out construction work


Adhering to the rules of the pipe installation and tips described in this article, you can easily and seamlessly to make drains in the apartment with his hands. Most importantly follow all the processes conscientiously and remember that the quality of the execution of the system will depend on the comfort of habitation. If after reviewing the information submitted have questions, be sure to watch the video how to make the water drain in the apartment alone. It is located below:

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